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Emergency Medicine

THE POSH hospital is among leading trauma centre hospitals offering knee replacement and orthopaedic treatment. It has a superior emergency room and trauma centre to take care of patients, whether you need emergency assistance or trauma centre care. By facilities like mobile X-ray unit, high-resolution ultrasound, CT scan, and laboratory investigation, THE POSH hospital is to serve the community.

A trauma centre is generally available inside the emergency department of hospital similar to the standard emergency room. It is more reliable for patients in life-threatening and trauma conditions. THE POSH hospital’s team is proficient in the treatment of critical surgery as well as minor ailments of joint replacement, brain and spine surgery, head and neck surgery to make it the best trauma centre hospital in PONDICHERRY. Else oral and facial surgeries are also performed in routine at this CT scan hospital. Though, it is a trauma center but also cares for patients at OPD for daycare treatment with the same degree of care.

The available staff at the trauma centre includes technicians, radiologist and trauma surgeons who all are highly proficient in their job role. They are always ready to take care of patients in critical conditions after meeting a traumatic incident.

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