Saffron Pasta Bowl

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Transform family dinners into delightful experiences with our Family Pasta Delight Bowl Set, exclusively designed for your nuclear family. Crafted for convenience and style, this set includes everything you need for a perfect pasta night at home.Made from premium-quality ceramic, these bowls are sturdy, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and everyday use. Not just for pasta! These bowls are perfect for salads, soups, or any family meal. They're also great for serving snacks and desserts.This bowl has a comfortable size that's just right for adults and children alike. Enjoy meals together without worrying about portion sizes.

SKU Care
•Handwash using mild detergent
•Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agent
•Dry with a Soft dish cloth
•Do not wash it in dishwasher
•Microwave friendly